Consultations and Presentations


I am available to consult with individuals, groups, organizations, or schools either by phone, e-mail or in person. If you would like to discuss having a consultation with me please call or e-mail me.


I give workshops, seminars, keynote addresses on every aspect of Liberation Psychology and its application to any communication issue, whether within our own network or between ourselves and others.

Topics for consultations and presentations range from how Liberation Psychology addresses anxiety, depression, alienation, hostility, withdrawal, to interpersonal relationships, unresolved conflict, school achievement, school violence, to violence linked to masculinity, women and violence, to the power of language, participating with integrity in our communication network, living in accord with our nature not in control of it or in fear of it,victimization and femininity, countering genderized power and gender bias, to power as energy, women and power, choosing intimacy not conquest.

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